Re: interview



I remember an interview with a football player YEARS ago, aired after the guy had a heart attack and had died (at a young age)… he talked about his steroid use as what he HAD to do because ‘everybody else did it’ and it kept him competitive… when asked if he realized the health risks he said it didn’t matter as long as he got to play…

maybe if I was young, on the edge of being competitive and still thinking I was going to live forever I might look at things differently… but from where I’m at now (50) and seeing this stuff happening makes me realize that taking something might just KILL you… you can have a bad reaction to something as simple as a transfusison.

so it matters to ME, I would not use anything… also hope my kids never get into anything like that… but can I tell if everyone is clean or everyone is using something… nope… I also know that just because someone is great at what they do doesn’t mean they are using something…