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I just got done reading A Cold Clear Day. Back in the 60s they had a trials race at the Yonkers marathon. Only the winner made the team. The other 2 spots were determined at another marathon later in the year. How goofy is that?

I think the current situation is fair. Here are some random thoughts though.

Why not have a half-marathon qualifying standard too? Say if you run sub-1:07 you can run in the Oly Trials. Maybe that help increase the size of the field a little. Maybe it’d keep some runners from getting beat up and having to miss the trials due to injury. I just thought of that idea, so don’t be too rough on me.

I think one way to improve the current situation is to run the trials on a course that is similar to what the Oly marathon will be like. It doesn’t really make sense to run the trials on a flat course on a 50 degree day if the Oly marathon is going to be hilly and 90. I think you want to put the best runners for those conditions on the start line.

I think the idea of selecting the 3rd member, by committee, is interesting, but I don’t really like it – especially if I finish 3rd at the trials. I’d hate to bring the politics into it. Heck, maybe KK would fake an injury because he knows he’d get voted on anyway.