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puffintoad wrote:
Truth be told, I think any state can keep traffic moving in snow if it is adequately funded and equipped to keep the roads maintained and everyone has studded tires or chains on their vehicles. Other than that, there are bad drivers in every state. You should see Alaskans after the first snow. They get into lots of accidents simply due to overconfidence and lack of preparedness. Everyone’s a vetran six months into winter, though.

That’s true. It seems like it always takes one snowfall around here for people to remember how to drive in those conditions. Now, I’m not sure about chains and studded tires. I’ve never needed those. However, anyone with some practice can drive in those conditions and any area with the equipment and supplies needed can clear even a significant snowfall in under a day. The problem for those in areas where it doesn’t snow as frequently is that they haven’t had as much practice as those of us who experience more frequent snowfall and the municipalities don’t have the equipment and supplies needed to clear the snow.

It’s more fun to pick on them for not being able to handle a little snow than it is to reasonably explain why they can’t handle a little snow, though. 😉

Now, what was the original topic of this thread? ❓