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another fun topic… check the training section on the sidebar of this site and check out the pace conversion for treadmills… it’s been calculated that a ‘flat’ treadmill is easier than the road so you’re supposed to increase the incline on the treadmill to make it closer to ‘road effort’

but… it still depends on the treadmill being calibrated… plus besides wind resistance you have to consider the body heat build up if there is no air circulation..

and if you have a wider stance or stride or clump along (instead of taking light steps) you can really have a difficult time even running on the ‘mill… while I did lots of my early training on one, my 17 year old has real problems and his stride changes to look (and sound) more like an elephant, not a pretty sight…

one of the better articles I read (can’t remember where) talked about how it’s easier on your legs to run with the slight incline and with the ‘give’ of the treadmill you would be able to run with flats as opposed to trainers and not miss the cushioning… never tried that…