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worst of times. The year started with the notion of concentrating on the Ice Age 50 miler. Then Stefanovic came out for a 27.6 mile trail run to convince me to go to Boston. The plan was to make a run for the Masters Team title. However, I just couldn’t find my wheelhouse in training. I knew going in I was behind the 8 ball. On race day I went for it at 14 miles and crashed to finish 2:48 (171st overall). We finished 2nd as a team.

Using a low key approach, I then went on to finish 3rd at Ice Age and 4 weeks later finished 3rd in the Kettle Moraine 100 miler. it was time for a little break.

My focus then became to break 2:40 at Chicago. In July and August I was averaging around 70 a week and starting to race somewhat competitively. Training through the races, I ran a 1:13 20k and then a 27:03 at Al’s 8k which was a pleasant surprise. The speedwork I had started in September was paying off.

The focus was soon to change. At the end of September I was asked to join the USA 100k team and go to Taiwan. I had to alter my training slightly to get in the long runs. I used Chicago as a training run and ran another 2:48. I honestly believe I was in sub 2:40 shape.

Taiwan was a great experience, but as I have written and is now being documented, the race was under the most brutal conditions and course layout ever experienced in 100k championship history. I finished and I’ll leave it at that.

After a couple down weeks, I am now training for the AUA Championships to take another run at making the 100k team. With the start only 35 minutes away, it made sense to throw my hat in the ring.

I truly enjoy the team runs. The team is made up of a wide variety of runners and you never know who will show up. I mean that both physically and race performance wise. With a solid core, we can afford to have a few people not show and still be competitive.

I ended up with 3,055.5 miles for the year. This was an all-time high for me. I set PRs at 8k and 100 miles.

Bring on 2004.

Happy New Year