Re: It would make sense.

Zeke wrote:
I think one way to improve the current situation is to run the trials on a course that is similar to what the Oly marathon will be like. It doesn’t really make sense to run the trials on a flat course on a 50 degree day if the Oly marathon is going to be hilly and 90. I think you want to put the best runners for those conditions on the start line.

Problem is that it isn’t about picking a course that is like the Olympics, but the USATF uses the very important criteria of who throws the most money at them to select the trials race.

I was thinking about picking 1 or 2 members of the Marathon Olympic team by commitee, but I could see how there would be some politics involved. Everyone would be pointing at KK’s current injury situation as just a way to get out of the trials and still make the team because he would be selected anyway.