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that we get to run. I was born a runner. I ran against people all my life in school. I can’t tell you how many times we lined up as little kids and let fly.

For the 14 years I didn’t run, I was still a runner in my head. I couldn’t wait to get back, I just procrastinated longer than I should. When I moved back to Western Pennsylvania, the hilly country roads called to me and I answered.

I love the freedom of movement. To me, running is more like riding a bike than walking. I have never been a big walker, no excitement there, but running is fuel for the soul. There are no limitations, I will be about as good as I work at it. I don’t have one PR at any distance that I don’t think I could break if I worked at it. The higher I go up in distance, the broader the skies.

I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking I could run 2:22. Maybe there was a day decades ago, but I am a realist. The fun part about now is setting a goal and going after it. As they say, the true enjoyment is in the effort. Racing, as I have read, is the icing on the cake. Training is what makes me tick. This is where the battle is fought in the trenches. I enjoy plowing through workouts my opponents would only dream of. Of course, it is all relative, but it is a game I must play with myself to convince me that I will achieve my goal, I will beat my opponent, I will see the day I can honestly say…that’s all there is, there ain’t no more.

I can’t say when this day will come, but while I’m still in this battle with mind and self, I’m going to keep throwing down.