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I finished the month at 190.2 miles. I would have been over 200, but I missed a run on the 27th (family commitment) and on the 31st (dental surgery). Still it was a good month overall. I raced a 10K on the 30th, finishing in 40:22. It was a four second PR, but a sub-40 10K still eludes me. I have another 10K on February 13, so maybe I’ll get it then.

Overall, January had some good–I ran almost 40 miles more than I did in January 2004 (154), plus I’m healthly and motivated to run. It also had some mild negatives–even though I’m getting in the miles, I haven’t been diligent enough about getting in any type of specific training (speedwork or hills) in preparation for a February 27 half marathon.