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Actually, this was my third attempt but I still have only “run” (finished) one. The first attempt was Grandma’s, which I trained poorly for and ended up dropping out of in order to avoid an ankle injury. I figured I’m better off dropping out than seriously injuring myself just to limp in with a lackluster time. One of these times, I’ll get the right training and the right conditions and then look out.

As for Lakefront, you’re supposed to be able to count on a north wind around here this time of the year, which is favorable for the point to point north to south course. Actually, we had north winds all week last week and we had a north wind again today. Yesterday was the one day the wind decided to turn around. I seem to have bad vibes for this race, I might give Chicago or Quad Cities a shot next year.

Double and Cameron, you both did a great job in the difficult conditions. Cameron, congrats on the BQ!