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I was thinking over the profile thing more yesterday evening. I was attempting to add another field to the profiles but I’m not sure I have the capability to do that. So I’m on to option #2.

There are two fields currently on the user profiles that I doubt many of us here really care about, occupation and interests. Would anyone have any objections to my “borrowing” one or both of these fields? One thought I had was to use one of the fields as a running profile (years running, PRs, etc.) and to use the other as a non-running profile (job, family, etc.). Of course, both fields would be optional so you could state as much or as little about yourself as you wanted.

If I can figure out how to do option #1, I’ll still go with that. However, I just wanted to throw this second option out there and see if anyone would care.

If anyone has any other comments/concerns/questions about the new forums, please let me know, either in this thread or by starting another thread in the non-running forum.