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first of all… congrats… a win is a win 😀 …

there are lots of other thoughts in the last couple posts, like inspiration… watched 8 Kenyans fly by during the DC Cherry Blossom 10 miler a bunch of years ago… it was inspiring (maybe more like awesome)but also discouraging since it was painfully obvious most of the people running the race could never hope to be near that good…

for me it’s the ‘competing with myself’ sentiment that keeps my going… and an occasional age group place or win… there are two women in the 50-55 group in this area who are fast enough to sometime win the whole women’s side of the race… but mostly it’s about who shows up, there are a few Russian women who live in this area too, they are professionals…

if I only ran to win races, I’d have to take up another sport… but it’s like frosting on the cake… but I’ll eat cake any time it’s offered, even without frosting, especially chocolate..