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To answer some questions, and answers.

LINZ, I too believe Kooch has a good chance to stick this time. I wouldn’t even try if I didn’t believe it was possible. He showed flashes of discipline this spring. Hey, I should of known you planted that seed! Without running the whole 50 mile, he’ll actually be in better shape to begin the training.

Peter, with that 3:06 under your belt and 10k speed I saw at Madison, 2:55 is a definite goal worth going for. With you and Finnegan, I can say I trained alot for Boston alone because of different work schedule with the rest of teh human race. The site and the program both helped keep the focus. Plus, Boston being my third try, was really what I wanted to do to the best of my ability.

Getting in over your head. What this means is sometimes Marathon training gets us in such great shape that we begin to latch on to faster paces than we should. We are cruising and don’t realize we’ve passed a point of diminishing returns or are peaking too soon before we realize what happened. It’s like watching kids play soccer, dribbling all over. I tell them the time to pass the ball is before you ever think you have to. Sometimes we get caught up in running faster because it feels good or we start running with certified 2:35 marathoners and get on the downslope way too early. The way for me, and I think anyone serious about it is to train to the time you want to achieve. Then you can actually measure personal success or failure. You go into the marathon, KNOWING what YOU are PREPARED for and this cannot be overemphasized. We’ll keep it fun. Hard work lies ahead, mostly keeping our head in the game. PSKI