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Runnin Rat

There for a moment I thought I was laura Clark-Taylor. My story is exactly the same as her, height, weight, everything. I took started running to lose weight, only to gain 16 pounds after finishing my first marathon. I peeked out at 157. That was way too much for my almost 5’3″ frame. I joined WW and they melted away, week by week. I have now stablized at around 125. Still about 10 pounds higher than where I want to be, but a do-able weight for today.

As for guest. You are female, thus, you are also your worst critic. For some reason we obses (sp??) way too much about our weight. If I have learned nothing in life, it is take one day at a time. Each day I start new. The thing I loved most about weight watchers is they taught me how to take care of me. Then I can take care of my family.

Should you stop running? NO way! My legs are my favorite access. I love when someone behind me in a race says “Nice legs!” I run when I am happy, run best when I am mad, and I run just because I am healthy and can.

Good luck!