Re: mar pace



Finnegan, I disagree with Zeke and Ryan on a pace run closing in on the race. The week of the marathon I’ll usually go out and do a two mile pace run and it feels like hell. The Wed before my fall marathon I struggled with a 2 mile pace run at 6:52’s. But int the throws of a taper I turned around and ran 6:47 pace for the whole marathon that Sunday. Go figure, but whenever I ran pace runs even the 30k 3 weeks out, it felt like that was it and there ain’t no more. Why you would wonder, well I didthose workouts on the heels of some brutal training, geared to ru a certain goal time. Good luck, and if expectations are low, I say it’s a great time to shoot high. You have nothing to lose. I ran my second marathon blind, no plan, just ran wanting to break 3 hours or the hell with it. Ended up in 2:54.46. Just run baby, Good luck and give it hell. PSKI