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Consistency is primarily about getting the job done week to week, month to month. It doesn’t do any good to have a blowout 60 mile week and follow that up with 0, you’d be better off with 40 and 40. It also doesn’t do any good to have a 250 mile month followed by 50. I’d much rather see 200 and 200. Think about average weekly/monthly miles over the long haul.

As for how to apply that consistency, I personally usually do nearly the same thing day to day when in base training but that’s partly because I go to the end of my self-imposed time limits and partly because i’m most consistent when I settle into a daily routine and don’t trap myself into thinking too much about what to do. It has been suggested that varying the duration of your runs can lead to better training benefit than doing the same thing every day but my take on that is do what you have to do in order to get the training in first and worry about optimizing the training second.

As for the hill runs, getting in some hills would be very good but don’t make them into hard workouts. Save the high intensity running for the final 2-3 months before the goal race, now is the time for relatively low intensity and placing more focus on building higher volume.