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I’m happy I can March into April and not limp. The last 2 months have been tough but the worst is over. My hip is feeling better and now that the snow is gone I can run on the trails again.

Ran a couple of 5 mile races in March, took a 1st at one and 3rd at the other but it was kind of bittersweet because my times weren’t exactly what I’d hoped for. Happy I placed but …not so terrific times.

Right now training for Journey’s Half Marathon is keeping me occupied with a different mix of workouts. I’ve never trained for a 1/2 before & the change is good for me.

I’ve got a 5K tomorrow, that will be the first real test of the hip. Later this month I plan to run Crazylegs.

Bring on the milder temps and healthy running!

Rita, sorry to hear about your mom.