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Ryan wrote:
I suppose I’ll hesitantly share a high level overview of my monthly training and see what the fallout is after some people expressed interest in knowing at least something about how my training is progressing.

Nothing that special here, just more plugging away. Actually, as I added up my miles, I surprised myself. I thought I had a pretty inconsistent month with a couple minor physical setbacks along the way and a few motivational lapses. However, through it all, I managed to come within a few miles of my all-time monthly high for mileage (I think in the 495-497 range). Still, nothing but base building. I have noticed the paces beginning to get faster but no planned hard running yet. I am still looking at South Shore and Crazylegs in April, both as train-through fitness tests. It should be interesting to see what I can do off nothing but base training and with no taper for them.

The final damage:

Miles: 493

Days running: 30

Runs: 50

Miles per day running: 16.4

Miles per day: 15.9

Miles per run: 9.9

This is up 148 miles from February after that being up 54 miles from January. Things are coming together. In 2002, I remember hitting the 490s for 3 consecutive months and thinking 500 would be tough to break. After this month, I’m thinking 500 should be nothing. All I need is a good month of training with even one fewer little physical issue or mental lapse.


That’s some mega-mileage. Hat’s off to you. If I could/would commit to a 2 year plus plan I would do something similar (Lydiard like). I feel like I’m pushing the evelope running 70-80 a week. How fast are you running? I know the more I run I have to back way off on my easy days (7:45-8:00 mpm). Are you running most of your miles slowly?