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its almost easier to give a novice a HRM and say “run for 45 minutes in range x-y” than it is to answer all the questions like “how fast do I go? “what if I get tired” and all that crap.

BUT (:)) with a novice…they don’t care about drift….because their HR will be all over the place anyway, and they are so new, they don’t care or know what it is.

Sometimes we can be a bit high tech, and other times not enough.

Personally, heres my take on HRM’s……I like them for longer runs, mainly in a base phase. I like them on the bike because I can see how hard/easy I am working, because I am not experienced enough on the bike to do it by “feel”

Tempo runs with a HRM may be a good idea, just to keep me honest or to slow me down a bit. BUT….when it is time to get nasty (ie-VO2 work and speed)…I like to go by feel, just run raw. Every now and then, you have to make it hurt, go beyond that comfort zone, push push push. As for races…..I don’t think I’ll ever use one in a race, unless it was a 50 miler…but no thanks.