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A typical day’s eating for me…

Examples of my first meal :

– 12-inch meatball subway sandwich

– 2 bean burritos and a crunchy taco from taco bell

– a 1/3 pound cheese burger with a plate full of fries

– 4 slices of a 16 inch pizza

– whatever fattening food my wife makes

Between first and second meal :

– average 2-3 slices of pizza, or sometimes equally filling substitutes

Late meal :

– Same as first meal

My wife is a great cook, and rarely makes anything that resembles health food. To be fair, I don’t drink alcohol, so that probably helps. I stayed at 6’4 200 with no prob, working a job where I get very moderate excercise, and sucking down 7-8 non-diet cokes a day. After starting training, averaging somewhere between 25-30 miles/week for 2 months, and switching to diet coke, I have dropped from 203 to 187. Goal weight, 180. Goal mileage : 40, and hold for 3 months. Currently at 37. Age : 24

Ok, so my metabolism is freakishly high. After being sick, I ran district XC in high school at just under 6’4 and 130. Getting above 140 (my normal weight in high school) required hitting buffets as hard as I could for 30 minutes at lunch each day. I will not even go into the stupidity that eventually got me over 200 and up to 225 (gee, I wonder why those achilles problems wouldn’t go away?). Basically, it takes superhuman dumbassery for me to gain more than a few pounds.

I have also known people who voluntarily survive off of a few pop tarts a day and Dr. Pepper, or who remain overweight despite eating only small amounts of reasonably healthy food and being over 6 feet tall.

My point? People who have to suffer for months to reach weights that some of us take for granted even when living a sedentary lifestyle are common and deserve all the more respect. Calories in vs calories out is obviously the key, but the calories out thing works in slo-mo for alot of people and at warp speed for people like me.

Jeff, it sounds like you know what you are doing and are well on your way to your goal weight (if you can stay injury-free). Good luck with the mileage buildup, getting back to sub-20 form, and though I cannot begin to understand what you are thinking, your marathon. Hopefully losing the pounds will help with your injury probs as well.