Re: My plan




I think I started to question your program when I saw the 6 x 800 hill repeats, eventually dropping down to MP. I think you can do hills as long as you keep the pace controlled. Also do the tempos, but I’d error on the side of conservative pacing.

I followed Pfitz for my last 2 marathons and Daniels the 2 before that. For Boston I’m going to try Lydiard’s program from his book Running to the Top. It can also be found on one of the links I posted yesterday.

Right now I’m just doing easy aerobic runs, incorporating some two-a-days into my program and trying to get my mileage up. Once a week I’m doing a mid-week 12-15 miler with my college teammates. Right now, it’s probably very close to MP for me. 14 weeks out I’m going to start doing 2-3 hill sessions per week for 4 weeks. These will be more of a bounding repeat focused on building strength. 10 weeks out I’m going to start doing anaerobic workouts. This will be February in Minnesota, so I’ll do the best I can with whatever Mother Nature provides. Throughout the program, I’ll try to do 1 run of 2+ hours, 1 mid-week medium run of 12-15 miles, and 1-2 days of strides. New for me this time around will be the 4 weeks of hills, more strides, more anaerobic focus, less focused tempo and MP runs.

Now that I look at this, it brings me to a question for anyone that’d like to answer. Lydiard doesn’t have any specific tempo runs in his program. Is that because he says the aerobic base building period should be run between 70-99% of your aerobic capacity? Is that where malmo, Hodgie-san, et al say run hard when you feel good, back off when you don’t?