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If I were building a plan for myself (as I soon may be) here’s what I would do…

Now until ~12 weeks out: Base building. No track workouts, no hill repeats. Lots of miles at a relaxed pace, strides about 2-3 times a week, distance runs over as many hills I can find but just doing the hills as part of the run, not pushing the hills. When I feel good, launch into a tempo run or fartlek but nothing planned.

About 12 weeks out: Strength. Hill repeats once a week, tempo run once a week, hard run over lots of hills (possibly a hill fartlek) once a week.

6-8 weeks out: Speed. Track workout once a week, tempo run or fartlek 1-2 times a week.

2 week taper (I don’t like tapering for real long) where I keep the track workouts but don’t make them quite as intense and I keep one tempo run/fartlek per week.