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Thanks very much you guys, this is what I was looking for. I would love to average 75 a week. I did a little experimentation over the summer. I did one stretch of 76, 73 and 88 to see how I felt and it was ok. I was tired in the beginning but it got better toward the end of the stretch. Doing it over the course of a few months will be different but looking forward to the challenge.

When I was reading Double’s post I couldn’t help but think of a chart that Daniel’s has in his book. It shows how various levels of volume translate into running performance. It suggests that you can achieve significant results on 50-60 and your % performance improves but tails off as you go higher.

The other big component here is running experience. You can’t look at the chart only. As Double suggests, you need to find you’re sweet spot.

Zeke, good encouraging example. Thanks!