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Zeke wrote:
You’d think a Eurpoean workout would be metric, like repeat Ks, not miles.

I was thinking the same thing.

Zeke wrote:
I know it’s easy to rip on RW, but I don’t get a subscription, so I won’t. I did recently ask my dad if he still had his old running logs, from the early 80s. His search didn’t turn up his logs, but he found a bunch of old RW articles and a couple of entire magazines. These are from ’80 and ’81 and have 1 page essays from Lydiard, Clayton, Sheehan, Henderson and Burfoot, etc. In one article I read this morning Clayton is talking about his build-up prior to his marathon WR. He mentions 160 mile weeks. I wonder when the last time anything like that was printed in RW?

Did you hear the latest thing with RW? They brought in a new head man from Men’s Health magazine and one of the first thing he did was say Joe Henderson is gone. The one column that offered something (no matter how much or little) for competitive runners was the first thing to go. I believe the new guy said something about they plan on offering more on the road type pieces and more coverage like they gave to P Diddy. Wonderful. Another step along the evolution RW has been going through for a good 2 decades. How long until RW has no running related content whatsoever? Oh well, I’ve digressed far enough for now.