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I like Woody’s comment, 2:47’s with 2:00 min recoveries. Well, that made his workout much tougher than it should have been.

Pski, are you doing these as a workout or as a predictor? I’m guessing a little bit of both. For me if I wanted to run these at 2:59 with a 2:59 rest it would have been no problem and it would have been very accurate. But When I do Yasso’s as a predictor I want to do just that. Run them as hard as I can making sure that all ten are pretty damn close on each 800, with maybe the last few a little faster. In fact with only a 2:00 min rest I most likely could have gone faster than what I did. I know I could of gone faster actually it was a perfect night that workout. Yasso’s to me are more of an anaerobic workout , then a Aerobic workout which explains Why a lot of runners including myself and the above post by Jennifer who was a 800 runner in college can run these faster then the prediction. I was in great 5k-8k shape during that workout ( anaerobic) so I did well . But for a marathon my aerobic condition was piss-poor. that’s why I ran 2:59:30 instead of 2:50. Also, with you you were in much better aerobic shape doing all the long slow stuff with a little speed thrown in. so you really couldn’t go any faster in the yasso’s (800’s) but could hold it all day long. Make sense! so it’s a much better predictor for you and anybody else in great aerobic shape. I would much rather run 1000-1200’s for marathon training, then 800’s.