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thanks for the input… I did a short (5 miles) run Saturday morning while my kid’s XC team warmed up and spent the rest of the day doing other things… did my 20 miles on Sunday and it was no different from any of my other long runs (energy-wise)… I’ll probably do an easy 5 today as well since I’ll need the stress release as I could FEEL the tesion just walking back in this building, people packing & unhappy about moving…

I guess what is becoming more clear to me is that my running is one of the few things that I have some control over (at least how fast to run) and one of the more relaxing & happy, even joyous things… I do tend to back off instantaneously when anything hurts but there are times, the 20 miler was one, where I felt I could go on all day, but then reality and all my other commitments enter in… and while I was a bit tired & achy yesterday I woke up this morning totally refreshed & RHR right one target…