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OK, so let’s all accept the fact that the elites are not normal. While a lot of people strive to achieve their maximum in the same of the elites, very few relatively speaking actually reach that level. They are special but that does not answer the question that I would like to see answered.

Accepting the fact that the elites are at the end of the bell curve in ability, why should this fact keep us from looking at their training in relation to ours? Is there a reason that we should not look at what has worked for them and apply it to ourselves? No matter how abnormal they are, they have the same energy systems as us and their energy systems work in the same ways as ours. Of course, saying Kastor runs 140 mpw after over a decade of competitive running doesn’t mean that someone who has never run over 50 mpw should shoot for 140 this fall but it does suggest that bumping things up gradually from 50 could be beneficial.

The bottom line is that, no matter how abnormal the elites are, I still stand by my statement that they are the best in the world at maximizing their abilities. Based on this, if we want to maximize our abilities, who better to look at than the elites?