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Ed 1 wrote:
I am thinking that might not be impossible – I just ran a 13 mile run in about 90-100 minutes. I was tired but not wasted.

13 miles in 90 minutes is 6:55 pace. Did you really run this? If you were tired but not wasted after that, then maybe you really do have a 3 hour marathon in you. Even 100 minutes for 13 miles is 7:41 pace. I’d love to be able to do that after four months off from running.

If I can slow it down a bit to maybe 9:00s I should be able to chugalug through the whole distance. A four hour mary will require an average of the high 9:4Xs

A 4:00 marathon is actually 9:09 pace.

I am planning on running 15 this Sunday and see how that goes (hopefully an 8:00 pace). Sep 11th if the 15 goes well I’ll try a 20 miler. Then I’ll do a miny taper for the next two weeks – nothing hard just a lot of mid-speed runs around 7-10 miles in length.

I know I’m crazy –

Based on your statements above, I’d have to agree.