Re: OK, here’s the thing



First off, I don’t believe he went from zero to marathon in 8 weeks. I heard a report that he was photographed running in June. I have a feeling he was running for quite some time, whether he was marathon training or not.

Second, I do think he deserves credit for raising the money. Of course, $2 million is pocket change for him, McDonalds, and Nike.

As for athlete of the week, the key word is ATHLETE! P Diddy proved he was a good fundraiser. He did not prove that he deserves any athlete of the week consideration. I admit, I’m quite unimpressed with all American performances there but Sylvia Mosqueda deserved the distinction as athlete of the week over P Diddy. Even Matt Downin, with his less than impressive 2:18, earned it over P Diddy. If the distinction was fundraiser of the week, he deserved. However, it is athlete of the week and he did not earn that.