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Guest has not identified who he is, is trying to train like a Footlocker CC Champ with little or no base training, and has heeded virtually no advice whatsoever from the people he has asked for it, including his coach.

On the contrary, jtpaten, who has registered on the site and asked for advice with thoughtful questions, has given us a pretty thorough understanding of his background and what he’s trying to accomplish. Yes, he has run low mileage, but I think he’s beginning to recognize that more miles will ultimately equal a better base and faster times. Only problem is he only has 3+ weeks until Grandma’s. And as the wise sage who founded and administers this site is fond of giving this advice, “Make sure you get to the start line healthy.”

Rehammes, myself and zeke (perhaps to a lesser extent) are rather fed up with ‘guest’. Rehammes hit the nail on the head when he said ‘guest’ probably wants people to be impressed with his 4:39. I’d be more impressed if he either A) listened to his coach seriously, or B) just be quiet and run miles. I do think he’s being foolish to run a higher % of his miles at a faster pace. Just my opinion though.

I can’t go away without saying this. 8 years ago, I was a talented but rather foolish runner, who went out and ran alot of miles in training at a quick pace (under 7:00). I was fortunate not to get a serious injury. But through posting and listening to people at sites like this, I have learned to increase my base and run my miles at a more sensible and sedate pace. Of course, I did have to learn this the hard way, so to speak. Now I hope that I am a wiser (and older) talented runner.

To Joel (jtpaten): Good luck to you and your BIL @ Grandma’s. Enjoy yourselves, run smart and hopefully you can continue to increase your mileage and make a real solid effort at a huge PR at Chicago!