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sub3marathon wrote:
Strength training should be part of an overall fitness program to maintain lean muscle mass (running is not as good in this area) as should stretching to increase range of motion, but there is the evidence to support either of these for improving performance is limited (at least in runners). Things like plyometrics and explosive training might be beneficial although this is still in open to debate.

You know I agree with what you are getting at but I’d reword that a bit. There is little evidence to support either traditional strength training or stretching for improving performance or for injury prevention in distance runners. Of course, as I am an example of when it comes to stretching, anecdotal evidence may vary. That said, we both know anecdotal evidence proves no more than something works for an individual, nothing on a more broad spectrom. The main reason for the rewording is that hill running is considered a form of strength training by many and there is evidence that it helps performance and injury prevention. Also, the limited evidence available (I wish there was more) suggests body weight exercises such as plyometrics may be beneficial but the evidence at this time is too limited to draw a good conclusion.