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I was just going to let everyone know how I did at nationals. I managed to take 17th out of 29 contenders and the NJCAA Outdoor National Championships in Hutchinson Kansas. I ran a 33:10 which is a PR of 45 seconds. The race went well, and as for the tapering I believe I ended up taking off a mile or two each day, excluding the long run and intervals.

So now its summertime and its time to recover and rebuild my mileage. My ultimate goal is to work my way into a 100 mile weeks. Having 50-60 miles towards the end of my track season how much is necessary to cut off during the summer? Or is it alright just to start where I left off before the “taper”.  I understand progressing through mileage and what it takes to move up and such, I was just curious to what you guys think on summer training in general. Any input would be greatly appreciated.