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I am not a doctor and have never played one on tv but I have had an issue with my patellar-femoral tendon… not a ‘problem’ since my massage therapist gave me an explanation (muscle build up on the outside of calf & thigh more than inside) and a solution…

plie squats… (pronounced plee AY) like a ballet dancer… back upright, legs about shoulder width apart, feet turned out, then SLOWLY squat, not too deep… I started out using one of those huge balls and a wall too keep my posture correct… it works the inside of the thigh just above the knee as well as the rest of the inner thigh…

I worked up to 30 slow reps twice a day and the backed off to once a day, but if I skip more than three days in a row I might get a twinge… occasionally on long runs (twice in the past year) I’ve used a knee strap below my knee which seemed to help…

maybe this will help… hope so..