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Ryan wrote:
Anonymous wrote:
Zeke, maybe I have this wrong, I thought you trained for your goal race, peaked at the time of the race then eased back to recover and rebuild.

If training peaks at 70 miles then you recover at ???? miles a week?

You want to hit a fitness, not volume, peak at the time of the race. You don’t recover for months. You do so for weeks, maybe a month or two max, then you build your base which is where volume rules. Your volume peak ideally would be before any speedwork starts. That way, you’re not piling on everything at once. When the intensity builds up, you can back off of your volume a bit.

Yep, what Ryan said. When (most) runners talk about peak there talking about peak fitness level not peak mileage level. Those are two different things.

If you just ran a marathon, 30-40 mpw is fine until you’re recovered. But then I think if you want to maximize your performance in June, you have to put in some solid base miles over the winter. Yes winters suck in WI and MN and other places, but that’s what makes them perfect for base-building.

Can you run 30-40 mpw till March and then crank things up for a June marathon? Sure. Will you run up to your potential? I highly doubt it.

Also, don’t take what I originally posted literally. For example if you want to run 40 miles in 6 days of running you don’t need to run 6.67 miles each day. You can mix it up, like Ryan suggested. The main idea is that you keep each day’s effort relatively similar until you are comfortable with the mileage.