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I just wanted to commend you for the research you have done. For someone who is quite new to running, it’s not hard to see that you’ve really done your homework. I have encountered many people who have been running for years but haven’t shown the kind of insight into training philosophy and techniques that you already have. Keep it up and you have a very bright running future ahead of you.

DijleLoper wrote:
I do not know what got me thinking of extending base building even longer. I think it may have been the sentence ‘When you start training anaerobic, you have to continue doing it’, but that was probably meant more relative to a running season/cycle versus a running career, as I first interpreted it.

That’s how it was meant. You have to continue doing it until your racing season is over. Then, after some time to recover from months of hard training, you start all over with the base training. One thing you will quickly learn about Lydiard: while he had a brilliant mind when it came to running, his ability to put his knowledge into words was not as great. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to read his writings or writings based on his presentations and really understand what he’s getting at. However, unlocking his wisdom can very much be worth the effort of figuring out what he’s really saying.