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Hello, thanks for sharing your thoughts and making an effort to answer my question. I have been thinking about your input during yesterdays run. I have decided I will do a short ‘tryout racing season’ in March. This way base building/conditioning period will finish just before the end of the year. This is after 8 months (is this still reasonable?).

The change will do me good and I can get acquainted with the other phases of the training cycle and concentrate on other aspects/parts of a complete running program. While I am sure I will not yet be in the best aerobic condition possible, I will benefit from training other aspects/ stimulating different systems and not risk impeding overall progression. As a bonus I will already have the experience of having gone through a complete program when I repeat the cycle.

I do not know what got me thinking of extending base building even longer. I think it may have been the sentence ‘When you start training anaerobic, you have to continue doing it’, but that was probably meant more relative to a running season/cycle versus a running career, as I first interpreted it. Thanks again for your perspective.