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I checked that link and you are right; my ranges are a little high but besides the easy run are not high by too much.

I intend to follow the advice that was given to me on this site. Now that I understand that tempo runs (and hills) would be considered aerobic I will not exclude them over the next 7-8 weeks while I continue to build my base. I will wait until the last 8 weeks before doing any hard interval workouts.

I was confused about this because when I run a tempo run or do hill repeats my heart rate eventually climbs above 80%, usually over 85% by the end of the run. I assumed that the line between aerobic and anaerobic was somewhere around the mid 80’s so to me that meant do no training at or above those levels during the ‘base building’ phase.

I now see its not strickly an ‘aerobic/anaerobic’ distinction but has more to do with intensity. If I understand it right its not that a tempo run does’nt involve some time spent in the anaerobic range but that the duration and intensity is relativly low compared to doing intervals. This makes it suitable to run during the base building phase.

I will strive to focus on long runs, medium runs and easy runs with a hill session once a week and a tempo run thrown in once a week or two. Then when I get closer to the race, during the last 8-10 weeks, I will add more intense interval workouts and reduce my milage slightly.

While this is different then what I did during the last 6 month cycle its now (based on these new details) much closer than it I thought it would be.