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Would you want to do even 10 weeks of anaerobic workouts?

If I had time for a race.. for example 30 weeks, it would be the same for everythign but the base even if i had 6 years…

If i was peaking for that one race, and wanted to do as well as possible for that race…

i would count back from the race date…

1 week taper

2 weeks sharpen

4 weeks anaerobic

6 weeks Hills( or 3 tempo and 3 fartlek type if you have no hills )

The Taper is exponetial, if im used to running 10 miles per day i would cut it down to 7 on the first day 5 on the second then keep it right around 4 until the end.

3-4 days before the race i would do a shorter distance race/time trial or goal pace intervals, but not very much.. keep it short but intense

the 2 weeks of sharpening would be long runs, anaerobic sharpeners and sprint sharpeners… an Anaerobic sharpener is something like sprint 50m jog 50m sprint 50m jog 50… continue until you feel fatigued

sprint workouts start as just windsprints/striders and go up to 350s maxium.

the 4 weeks of anaerobic work would be intervals, very long intervals for marathon, shorter ones (400m or more though) for shorter races. Not neccesiarly the same one each time though, you want a range of speeds to be worked on. so 1k-15k intervals maybe depending on your level of fitness .. this is assuming your doing marathon.

The 6 weeks of hills would have a hill session of something like 10x300m twice a week or more/less depending on your fitness.

If you do tempos.. just run tempos twice a week, then switch to fartleks, which are much like intervals, just a little easier… either hills or tempo/fartlek ease you into track work so you dont injury yourself 🙂

so if i had 30 weeks

i would do

4 weeks easy running + Long run once or twice a week from now on

4 weeks easy running +weights 3x a week, striders, drills, and plyometrics from now on

9 weeks normal running + 3 workouts- Long run – Progression – Longer progression (for marathon)

Progression is when you start out really slow and then very randomly and very slowly pick up your pace to max aerobic effort by the end

You might also throw in MP workouts in place of the long run every other week or whatever you prefer, ive seen lots of ways to do that, but it is a very good idea to do it.

after that I would do my peak phase as shown above.

Is this about right?