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Glad I asked this question! Yes, I was in fact viewing tempo runs as anaerobic runs.

My reasoning went as follows: Since a marathon is generally run almost entirely aerobically and a tempo run is faster than marathon pace I assumed it would qualify as anaerobic training.

From a HR point of view I distingushed runs as follows (for those who train by intensity, the percentages still represent relative values):

70-75% – Easy, recovery runs

75-80% – Long, steady runs

80-85% – Marathon pace (the high end of aerobic running)

85-90% – Tempo and hill workouts (the low end of anaerobic running)

90-95% – Long intervals

95-99% – Short intervals

Are you saying that tempo and hill workouts should be run during the aerobic phase? My intent was to run the next 7 weeks at or below 85% and not begin anything above that level until the last 12 weeks.

My original schedule had only 8 weeks of long and short intervals so I would not need to change it nearly as much as I thought if this is the case.