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Another thing I learned from yesterdays race is how important the right mental attitude is.

In May I was confident going into the race that my sub 3:30 goal would be easy. During that race, in spite of the slow start, heavy winds and rain I never once doubted I would finish under my goal time. This confidence resulted from training that had me convinced me that I was fit to run a 3:30 (or better). At no time during that race did I have negative ‘self-talk’ about quitting or slowing.

In yesterdays race I was filled with doubt even before the start. My ‘best’ estimate of fitness was a 3:25 to 3:35 which is as bad as no range at all. The doubts only increased when in the later miles I began to feel pain in the injured hip. Although I was physically able to complete the race; mentally I doubted myself throughout. Dealing with negative ‘self-talk’ for over 3 hours was harder then any physical discomfort I felt.