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First off, I think Zeke is right. I believe I stated it elsewhere on this forum recently, it seems like a lot of people spend too much time thinking about training and not enough just training. Those schedules aren’t meant to be followed to the letter. If someone gives you a schedule out of a mass produced book and tells you it must be followed to the letter, I would suggest being very skeptical.

As for fitting this one into the schedule, I’d probably either bag the long run or do a long cooldown after the race. I’ve run races where I would run 10 or more miles after the race in order to get the race and the long run in all at once. They have gone just fine for me.

One final note, I also think Zeke is right on when it comes to the injury thing. I see a lot of people blame their injuries on this mystical “overtraining” thing and never figure out the root cause. Even if it is “overtraining” was it caused by too much, too quick, too soon, or some other factor? I have discovered that a lot of people blame their injuries on doing too much without thinking about their easy day paces. I recently exchanged e-mails with someone who was convinced he couldn’t run over 30 mpw without getting injured. It turns out he was never running slower than 10k race pace. Well, never running slower than that pace, I’m surprised he could get up to 30 mpw. A couple of years ago, I had a discussion with someone who couldn’t go over 50 mpw without getting injured but he never ran slower than marathon pace. It took a few discussions for me to convince him that training slower could lead to racing faster but he is now running 70 mpw typically and running faster and healthier than ever. Also, keep in mind that I have discovered many injuries blamed on “overtraining” trace back to shoes. Were you wearing worn out shoes or were you wearing a new pair of shoes that was different than your last pair?