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Obviously, this site isn’t as big as But check back throughout the week and you should have some more responses from guys in the 2:40-3:10 range.

but we have had high winds every year they have done this race.

. Well DON’T mention that on your website. 😆 I take it this race already exists and you are just talking over RD duties?

It is not likely for someone to PR on this course either, a lot of hard hills, but most people like the challenge if they are aware before hand.

Yeah, not every course has to be a PR course. Like you said, make sure entrants are aware of the hills prior to signing up. A course profile graph on the website or entry form would be a huge plus.

It is also located at the north end of Lake Mead if that helps people back east understand where this is at.

Does that mean that people could make Vegas part of their trip?