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Runnin Rat

Zeke and Ryan, this is some of the most helpful responds I have had yet.

This race has been going for about 5 years. I helped organize it in 25 days last year. I will never do anything like that again! It was awful! I was not proud of the work I did and cringed every time a runner said they wanted to talk to the person who organized it. I don’t want that this year. I told the previous director I either take it over completely or I am completely out. I was not trying to be controlling, she just didn’t live here, didn’t come down till the day before the race and had nothing at all orgainized. One of the runners actually helped her while I was cleaning up another mess she made.

So there you have, that is how I got this race. I have changed a few things on the web page, not a lot. I don’t care for the topozone map either, but left it there till I can figure out how to course map. Same with the race results, that was a nightmare I won’t go into. I am hoping to be able to use one of the timing companies out here, then I won’t have to worry about it, it will be handled for me. It comes down to money though.

About Vegas, yes, this race is about 40 minutes north of Vegas. As a matter of fact, if people are flying in, they would come in to Vegas airport. If people don’t like the huge city, they can stay in Mesquite, that is only 20 minutes from here, 60 minutes from Vegas. Still has the casinos, spas, etc. just a bit smaller town feel to it.

Did I notify enought in other places that this is difficult? The previous director said it was a moderate course, but there a ton of hills, one guy reported he runs around 7 minute miles, but up one hill it took him down to a 10+ minute mile. He loved the course, but said he wished he had been better prepared for the hills.

As for the runners from this past year. I want to send out a questionaire, but have had a difficult time getting the addresses from the previous director, so I am trying to do it this way, unless you have a better idea, I am up for suggestions!

Ok guys, keep it coming, rip my web page apart! That is the only way I will make this race a success. FEEDBACK!

You can also visit my personal web page, don’t be too critical of that one though 😉 That’s my family your talking about there!!