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I told the previous director I either take it over completely or I am completely out.

Smart move.

Same with the race results, that was a nightmare I won’t go into.

Well, they looked good on, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get them onto your site. If nothing else, direct them to the link. I was also thinking, it’s nice to have previous year’s results on the website.

About Vegas, yes, this race is about 40 minutes north of Vegas.

Maybe you can use this as a marketing point. People can run the race and hang out in Vegas. Also, since this is not a PR course you’re probably going to have to market it differently. Focus on the awesome scenery. I like the photos on the site. How many marathons are in NV? There’s always those people looking to run a ‘thon in each state. Also, what percentage of your runners took home awards. I believe it’s pretty high. That’ll appeal to some people too.

Did I notify enough in other places that this is difficult? The previous director said it was a moderate course, but there a ton of hills, one guy reported he runs around 7 minute miles, but up one hill it took him down to a 10+ minute mile. He loved the course, but said he wished he had been better prepared for the hills.

This is where a simple line graph of the topography would help out tremendously.

As for the runners from this past year. I want to send out a questionaire, but have had a difficult time getting the addresses from the previous director, so I am trying to do it this way, unless you have a better idea, I am up for suggestions!

A couple of thoughts. Throw the questionaire in with the race packet (with a self-addressed stamped envelope). Ask for an email addresses on the entry form. Make sure that they know you’ll only use it to send out a questionaire, race results, etc and that you won’t sell their address.

Instead of medals, what about something unique to the area? The rocks in the photos look cool, maybe something can be done with them, instead of a medal.