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doggler wrote:
It must be noted that nearly all world records from the 800 to the 10000 were set by “pacing” – the splits are almost perfectly even in almost every case.


And many followers of the sport will tell you that those “races” where world record attempts are made are the most boring “races” you will ever see. Excitement, suspense, and the thrill of competition are found in true racing. Watching the clock is found in these other “races”.

I have watched true racing and I have watched record attempts. I actually watched both in the same race (the men racing, Radcliffe setting a world best) in Chicago two years ago. I can tell you without hesitation that true racing is by far more exciting to watch than record attempts. KK’s decisive move to win Chicago, even though he didn’t get the world best and even though he probably could have had he time trialed instead of raced, was far more exciting than watching Paula minutes ahead of Catherine and wondering what her time would be.