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ferris wrote:
All I can say is that it seems that you weren’t prepared for the marathon distance. I have been there, also. I ran a 1:12 half 2 months prior and still crashed at the Mary. Next time, do more Mary pace runs and try to fpocus on the marathin distance. Many times, myself included, we try to predict our Mary times with shorter races, but we forget that the Mary is an ornary old hag who will eat you up at the first sign of weakness.

Ferris, thanks for the comment.

I think you are mostly right. I needed more MP runs. But I’m not sure I can agree on “try to focus on the marathon distance”: I run more long runs than before, higher mileage by about 20%, all my PBs were faster and still it was my slowest marathon. I think the main factor was a lack of MP runs.