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Woody has a bit of a history of tapering for every race that comes along and severely cutting into his training for the “big” race. However, he seems to be in the process of changing that.

However, he claims he ran through Jingle Bell, but if you look at his log he only ran 3.5 the day before. Sounds like a mini-taper to me. 😈


Imagine that you are your own cross country team. You have an early season alumni meet, a bunch of low-key meets leading up to your conference championship, then regionals, then hopefully state or nationals (depending on the level). You don’t want to be the guy that PRs at the alumni meet (at least until you’re an alumni – when that’s your “A” race). When I was in college, we’d get smoked by the alumni. It was frustrating until my coach explained that those guys train all year for that race. If we raced them again 2 months later the results would be just the opposite.

I remember reading a story about the MN state high school champ a couple of years ago. He lost an early season meet because he was still building his mileage and training through that meet. Had to be tough for him to lose, but not as tough as it would have been had he lost state.