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I don’t know if I’ve ever “met” anyone that keeps/recites as much info about their runs as you. At first I was going to say “over-analyzes” but then I thought “I don’t know if he analyzes at all.”

After tonights 13 I feel like I’ll be lucky to finish sub 3:30. I struggled with a 7:45 average pace. I hope its only the 24 and 12 over the weekend (both under 8:00) and yesterdays tempo leaving me less than fully recovered.

Last Wed I did this same 13 at 7:29 pace. A week before that I ran 16 at 7:28 pace. Those felt easy, tonight I struggled at 15/sec/mile slower.

So you ran 36 miles at sub-8 pace over the weekend, had an “easy” day, then a tempo run and you wonder why you had a hard time with 13 miles at MP (or close).

Just looking at those last 5 days, it seems like you are running hard A LOT. Where are your easy days? I bet you don’t let the pace go above 8:00 on those.