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Ryan wrote:
The one I can remember most was that he didn’t say it was a genetic thing or a cultural thing or anything, he just said that black athletes in general were faster than white athletes. Then, they went on to point out that, from the sprint events to track and field to football to basketball and everything else, it is generally true that black athletes show more speed than white athletes and that the coach was only pointing out that trend. Personally, I don’t really buy it and I think the coach went too far but the arguments they made weren’t outrageous arguments.

Why don’t you buy it? I’m not saying that blacks are born to be faster than other races, and I don’t think Fisher DeBerry was trying to say that. I don’t even think it’s about race. It’s a matter of being poor, and in this country a higher percentage of blacks are living below the poverty line than other races. Think about it. If you take a kid from a rich family, a middle class family and a poor family, there’s a real good chance that the two kids from the rich and middle class family are going to spend their free time on a computer or Playstation and the poor kid is going to be outside getting some sort of exercise. Over time wouldn’t this help with muscle development and make the poor kid faster (assuming the genetic makeup of all three kids were similar)?

With regards to the fastest distance runners being Kenyans, I think being Kenyan does play a part. Not that being born and raised in Kenya automatically makes a person faster, but being raised in a region where children grow up using their feet as their primary mode of transportation and where the most popular athletes are runners definitely makes a difference. If you took the 100 most athletic Kenyan 15-year olds and the 100 most athletic American 15-year olds, what percentage of each group do you think would be training to be a runner? It’s similar to those people who think Asians are naturally better at math. It’s not the fact that they’re Asian. It’s that the Asian society and average Asian family puts a higher importance on academics from an early age.