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1. Eat healthy. Generally that should include carbs. Even the government recommended diet includes some emphasis on whole grain foods.

2. The Nike Free is a bit intriguing. After reading about a local barefoot runner, I gained some interest in it, but my interest waned as I realized that trying to acclimate my feet to running barefoot would take a lot of time. Currently, I prefer to spend my time training to run fast. If I were given a pair, I would try them, but I wouldn’t buy them. If it becomes important to run barefoot, I will find a grassy park and take off my shoes.

3. Drivers are also a problem for me. Drivers that do not slow down on dirt roads and kick up huge clouds of dust and drivers who do not dim their brights when I’m running at night with a reflective vest. I usually try to make it clear that I am blinded by holding my arm in front of my eyes. In town, I’ve noticed that often the drivers who have made me most nervous have also been talking on cell phones.

Ryan, The amount of trouble you have with dog owners who refuse to take responsibility for their pets is just incredible.

Ryan wrote:
Leash law violators. I can’t go over 1-2 weeks in Minooka Park without a serious incident involving one of these idiots. … After that incident, I’m not going in the park again without pepper spray.

It’s too bad that it’s the dogs rather than the owners who will get the pepper spray. I know that you’ve said that the police won’t come to enforce the laws. Perhaps the local news station could be interested in doing a story. It would be more interesting than many of the stories that they do on slow news days and it would raise awareness — which could also influence the police action.