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Andrew A.

I had lost the competitive fire after high school. I enjoyed running and training and being part of the team in college, but racing was no longer important to me. I was not a big partier like some of my teammates who flamed out and never performed. I just lacked the drive that I once had. I had a couple of instances that showed me what might have been, but I found more injury than motivation. Looking back, I recall working very hard for someone who did not really care about competing, but the fact is that meets were not important to me and I found more injuries than motivation. Eventually, I quit after my second stress fracture. I enjoy racing now more than I did in college.

Pretty much the same boat as you.  Though I liked my coaches and teams a lot, I just had more curiosity about the world in general than I did in running faster in races.  Plus I chose a challenging major.  I also think a heavy diet of intervals with little mileage for a base wound up contributing to many injuries, I did not have a good idea of functional training back then.